Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize Winner 2020

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Abstract Art

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Shapes & Patterns

From the Forest and Beyond

Bring the Outdoors In

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While we can't always get outdoors, we can create indoor spaces that incorporate elements from the natural world.

Nemophilist (n.)

One who is fond of forests or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods

Press // Journal

Behind the Scenes of my Awarded Audubon Image

Some Feedback from Clients...

"I have two pieces (63ºS and 79ºN) of Joanna's Fine Art Photography which complement each other perfectly. They provide true serenity to my place which permeates the whole decor. I get compliments from guests on her work so often it has become predictable! People always say 'I just really love the look and feel of your place' and always deduce that it all ties back to Joanna's photography. Her work is a lifestyle brand all its own. I could not be happier with the prints."

Joe A.

Photography is one of those fine art forms ive feared might get swallowed up, cheapened, and misunderstood in our current tech culture. Joanna is at the forefront of keeping it alive and well. Simply sublime artistry.

Brett L.

From the moment I first saw it online, "Midnight Sun" struck me with its vivid colors and beautiful landscape. Once seeing it in person, I realized the pictures online don't do it justice. It's truly a magnificent work and I have loved it ever since. Simply looking at it brings out immense emotion and the desire for adventure. It's size and grandeur has certainly made a conversation piece in my home. I look forward to possessing and displaying this piece wherever it may be for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Joanna's art to anyone looking to add a bit of flair, adventure, and beauty to their homes.

Evan A.

Your work is beautiful and that photograph in particular just blew me away! I am going to feature it in my new place.

Veronica M.