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Roca Partida

Roca Partida

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Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico

Item No. 1285

Hundreds of miles from Mexico's Baja Peninsula, in the Pacific Ocean, a small volcanic rock known as Roca Partida is the only land in sight for twelve hours. Below the surface it boasts a variety of marine life.

Aluminum Prints:

Aluminum prints are made through a process called dye sublimation. The image is transferred from paper to metal via a heat press. During the transfer, temperatures reach ~380º Fahrenheit. At such high temperatures, dyes turn into a gas, which is then pressed into the metal. As the dyes cool down, they become a permanent part of the metal.

Aluminum is a highly durable material, and is easily cleaned. Prints ship with care instructions and a microfiber cloth, and arrive ready to be hung.